Three Weird Sisters
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Brenda Sutton, Teresa Powell and Dr. Mary Crowell make up the current performing incarnation of the band Three Weird Sisters. Founding member Gwen Knighton Raftery has wed the love of her life and is now living across the pond in London, England.

Brenda Sutton, an acclaimed bodhrán player, also brings guitar and congas to the mix. Teresa Powell plays electric upright bass, guitar, and the notorious vibroslap. Dr. Mary Crowell, pianist extraordinaire, has also been known to play harmonica and clarinet when the mood strikes her. All three women write music and sing, specializing in their own special brand of three-part harmony.

Three Weird Sisters play the folk clubs, music fests, gatherings, and conventions near their home base of Atlanta, Georgia. They've branched out with appearances as far away as Los Angeles and San Francisco, California, Salt Lake City, Utah, Houston, Texas, and Columbus, Ohio as the Guests of Honor for OVFF 2001 (the Ohio Valley Filk Fest.), where they were recipients of a Pegasus Award for Best Performer. In 2005, they were honored to perform to an enthusiastic audience at the 63rd Annual World Science Fiction Convention in Glasgow, Scotland.

In 2001, the Sisters released their debut CD, Rite the First Time, which has gone through its second pressing, and has received excellent reviews and radio play in the US, Canada, UK, Virgin Islands, Norway, and even Romania! Their second CD, Hair of the Frog, was released in 2004. The Three Weird Sisters released their most recent album, Third Time’s the Charm, in August of 2012; it is the first album to include the musical talents of Dr. Mary Crowell.

Together these women make a unique blend of instruments and voices described as "what the Carter family would have sounded like if they'd done filk / folk / Celtic / blues / insert music type." They love singing together, and that's evident in the delivery of their material. Come listen to them and you too may become a "Weirdo" for Three Weird Sisters.


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Press Quotes & Fan Quotes

"They make bewitching, eclectic music ... think the Dixie Chicks do Shakespeare."
--Bill Osinski, Atlanta Journal-Constitution, October 12, 2003

"The Filk and the Pagan communities enjoy the two best kept secrets of American acoustic music. Filkers brings playfulness and a fantasy/science fiction sensibility to their reconstructions of the folk tradition, while Pagan tunesmiths explore the rich storehouse of fairy tale and myth to evoke magic and wonder in their songs. The Three Weird Sisters create brilliant music at the point where these two vibrant genres intersect…"
Carl McColman, author of The Aspiring Mystic, Embracing Jesus and the Goddess, Spirituality, The Well-Read Witch, and The Complete Idiot's Guide to Paganism.

What a joy to listen to...over and over and over again.
Jessica Melody, Tempe, AZ

"They've done it again, only better. I love the sound, the quality, the music, the lyrics. Their harmony is fabulous. There are humorous then powerful, moving songs. I can't praise them enough. I feel like this is the band I've been waiting for. I did laugh until I cried a couple of times, so be careful while operating heavy machinery."
Shiela Peterson, Sacramento, CA

"Something old, something new, Something borrowed, something blue, Something original, and all of it true--These Three [very ;)] Weird Sisters sing and play as one, in the closest of harmonies, and take you along on the most marvelous of musical journeys."
Jerrie M. Adkins, Conley, GA